Coeur du Cheval

At Coeur du Cheval Arabians, we honor the great heart of the Arabian horse. Our mission is to breed beautiful, athletic horses with sound minds and dispositions. We have chosen Polish Arabians for our breeding program. While our herd is small, it represents some of the best bloodlines in Polish breeding.

The history of the Arabian horse in Poland began in the 16th century, with their incorporation into the stud of King Zygmunt August. Following this, other members of the Polish nobility began breeding Arabian horses. Their passion for the Arabian horse took them deep into the deserts of Arabia. Throughout Europe’s turbulent history, through conflicts with the Ottoman Empire, conflicts with Tsarist Russia, occupation by the German army in WWII, and annexation by the Soviet Union, the Polish lovers of the Arabian horse risked their lives to preserve the breed. Despite these tremendous obstacles, they succeeded. Today, Polish Arabians are widely recognized as some of the finest horses in the world.

For a fascinating history of the Polish Arabian horse, and wonderful photographs of foundation stallions and broodmares, read, The Arabian Horse, Poland’s National Treasure, by Zenon Lipowicz and George Zbyszewski, © 2007, Arabian Horse Times.